Group 1 history

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Audio interviews with early Group 1 members (MP3 files):


Group 1 on the radio

Group 1 had a radio show on KSAL in the late 1960 through early 1970s. Click on the thumbnail image to see the ad in the Salina Journal promoting the show.

Miscellaneous memories

Salina Group #1 started in 1967 at the men’s halfway house on 8th & Walnut. The group started with one or two meetings a week.

When I came in 1972, we had three meetings a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00pm. On Friday we had Speaker Meetings.

In 1972 the group started a call-in show on KSAL Radio on Sunday nights.

In 1975 the members of Salina Group #1 started the Alano Club at 5th & Iron, upstairs across from what was then the Hilton Inn (now the Phoenix). The Alano Club was started to have a place to go, to have meetings, and have some fun with sobriety. We had meetings every night, then we started having 5:15pm meetings Monday through Friday, and noon meetings at 12:15pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This group also helped set up the treatment center on the 4th floor of St. John’s Hospital. Some of the oldest members were:

Salina Group #1, Salina, Kansas
Service #105587 The first correspondence we have from the Salina Group #1 is a letter dated August 5, 1947 from Gene L. addressed to Works Publishing Co. Gene L. writes: We have a small group A.A. in Salina and need some literature, an “Alcoholics Anonymous. “Please send to us 12 of each kind of A.A. pamphlet you have, and if you have the Book on Interpitatious [sic} of the 12 Steps send us 3 of them. A correspondence dated May 23, 1973 lists George E. as the group’s G.S.R. Early print directories for the Salina Group #1 provide the following information: An email entry, 2014

I came across your website, because I was trying to confirm my own recollection that KSAL broadcasted a show featuring AA members in the early ’70s. I remember listening to the show on Sunday nights and was fascinated by the stories people told. I was only in my early teens at the time. Now I realize that what impressed me was the experience, strength and hope that AA members shared with listeners and callers. I came into the rooms 11-1/2 months ago after a 30-year drinking career. I now believe the familiarity with AA that remained with me from listening the show all those years ago made it easier to admit my powerlessness over alcohol as an adult. I now find true serenity one day at a time by trusting my Higher Power, working the steps with my sponsor and finding strength and hope among other AA members. This alcoholic is thankful for the seed that was planted by your group in 1972. God bless your continued work in Salina. — Scott H., a grateful alcoholic originally from Lincoln, Kansas who now lives in St. Louis.